Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Highlights of System with Strong 2C/2D in Standard American

The goal is to get non GF 4441 hands out of the 2C opening and to have a way to show strong GF hands with a 4-card major and 5+card minor.

2N - 8-12 hcp 5-5 or better in the minors, so a bid is needed to cover 20-21 balanced

2D - (19)20-21 hcp balanced, 19-24 hcp 4441. Blue Team style responses.

2C - 8+ tricks with a major, 9+ tricks with a minor or 22+ hcp

            2D - waiting, can stop short of game in 2N/3H/3S/4C/4D

                        2H Kokish relay used on heart hands or balanced hands with 24+ hcp while a

                        new suit F1 with 3S showing 4S while 3N shows 5S6+H

                        2S - shows spades with 2N a NF bust

                        2N - 22-23 hcp balanced

                        3C - shows club but may have a 4-card major if GF

                                    3D - may be negative, but gives opener chance to show 4-card major

                        3D - shows diamonds without a 4-card major

                                    3H - may be negative, does not promise a rebid

                        3H - GF with 4+H 5+D

                        3S - GF with 4+S 5+D

                        3N - To play with running minor

                        4C - 25+ hcp 4=4=1=4 or 4=4=0=5, GF
                        4D - 25+ hcp 4=4=4=1 or 4=4=5=0, GF

                        4H - 25+ hcp 1=4=4=4 or 0=4=4=5 or 0=4=5=4

                    4S - 25+ hcp 4=1=4=4 or 4=0=4=5 or 4=0=5=4

                        4N - 2 loser balanced

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