Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Highlights of System with Strong 2C/2D in Standard American

The goal is to get non GF 4441 hands out of the 2C opening and to have a way to show strong GF hands with a 4-card major and 5+card minor.

2N - 8-12 hcp 5-5 or better in the minors, so a bid is needed to cover 20-21 balanced

2D - (19)20-21 hcp balanced, 19-24 hcp 4441. Blue Team style responses.

2C - 8+ tricks with a major, 9+ tricks with a minor or 22+ hcp

            2D - waiting, can stop short of game in 2N/3H/3S/4C/4D

                        2H Kokish relay used on heart hands or balanced hands with 24+ hcp while a

                        new suit F1 with 3S showing 4S while 3N shows 5S6+H

                        2S - shows spades with 2N a NF bust

                        2N - 22-23 hcp balanced

                        3C - shows club but may have a 4-card major if GF

                                    3D - may be negative, but gives opener chance to show 4-card major

                        3D - shows diamonds without a 4-card major

                                    3H - may be negative, does not promise a rebid

                        3H - GF with 4+H 5+D

                        3S - GF with 4+S 5+D

                        3N - To play with running minor

                        4C - 25+ hcp 4=4=1=4 or 4=4=0=5, GF
                        4D - 25+ hcp 4=4=4=1 or 4=4=5=0, GF

                        4H - 25+ hcp 1=4=4=4 or 0=4=4=5 or 0=4=5=4

                    4S - 25+ hcp 4=1=4=4 or 4=0=4=5 or 4=0=5=4

                        4N - 2 loser balanced

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bergen Raises aren't all they are cracked up to be

Defense to Bergen
There is an obvious defense to Bergen, which allows opponents to enter the bidding, when they normally wouldn't have the values to.
3C (if 7-9 or 6-9): Double = takeout double of the major. Don't so much need hcp as distribution as they are unlikely to be able to play in 3CX. Might find any easy sacrifice or get to play it, especially if opener cant bid game.
3D (If limit): Double is for lead
If people are playing Reverse Bergen you do the other way round. 3C-X: lead, 3D-X: takeout
1M-3M : use this as a mixed raise (Bergen style) 7-9 4 card support
1M-2N: standard forcing raise plus 4-card limit raises. You have to change your responses to what your would do over 1M-X-2N (Dormer). Of course, you could use more complicated methods, there are many methods for 2N as a limit+ raise available on the internet or in books.
Pre-emptive raises: just pass, raise to 2M or 4M depending on your playing strength.
Using this method you don't give away easy doubles of artificial bids

Thanks to John Montgomery's Revision Precision for showing the error of my ways.