Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Defense to Opponents Weak 2 Opening

After takeout double in direct or balance, play transfer Lebensohl. A takeout double can be made without support for the lowest unbid suit (♣ except for rare weak 2♣ then ♦), will in this case have a 2-suiter. If responder shows the lowest unbid suit, the doubler bidding the next lowest unbid suit shows a 2-suiter, they are not showing a strong hand. To show a strong hand doubler cuebids, jumps in lowest unbid suit or bids highest unbid suit.

A non-jump suit overcall has decent values and suit, do not act with a hand that would normally be a 2 or 3-level preempt over a preempt.

After 2N overcall 16-19 hcp, all 3-level suit bids are transfers, with a transfer to opener’s suit being Stayman and 3♠ being a transfer to ♣ (or to over a rare weak 2♣ with 3♣ being Stayman). Stayman may also have a forcing hand with 2 minors, with your second bid you cue-bid again. 4♣ is Gerber, 4♦/4♥ are Texas transfers, with a Texas transfer to opener’s suit being minor suit Stayman without slam interest.

A direct cuebid is a Western cuebid, asking partner to bid 3NT with a sure stopper in their suit, usually has hand with 7 plus running tricks.

A jump to 3 of a suit is natural and forcing.

3N is to play.

A jump to 4♣/4♦ is leaping Michaels showing a strong 2-suiter.
                                    4♣                       4♦
2♣                              ♥ & ♠                ♦ & ♥/♠
2♦                             ♣ & ♥/♠               ♥ & ♠
2♥                              ♣ & ♠                 ♦ & ♠
2♠                              ♣ & ♥                 ♦ & ♥

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