Monday, January 7, 2013

Defense to Strong 1C Openings

vs. Artificial Forcing 1♣ Modified DONT
Over a strong 1♣, overcalling does not promise hcp only distribution. (pass with 16+ balanced)
The idea is to overcall with good distribution 1N or higher to use up bidding space. Assumption it is hard to penalize a 1 or 2-level bid accurately as no investigation of fit will be possible. Have modified DONT to show hands with longer or equal majors with1♥/1♠ so 2♣/2♦ show at least a 5 card suit. The only hand lost by this modification is hands with 5+♦ and 4♣. This hand could overcall 1♦ if you want a ♦ lead or 1N with 6♦.
Double = ♥ & ♠ 5-4 needs 5-4 as double does not use up any bidding space (doesn’t show or deny length in either minor)
            1♦ = asks for longer major
1♦ = natural 5+ card suit. Should offer good lead or be a good hand that wants to compete as actually gives more bidding space to opponents

1♥/1♠ = 5+ card suit and 4+ card minor, 6♠4♥ or rare 7-5, NT bids by resp. ask for 2nd suit
1N = 1 suiter 6+ cards, though usually 6
2♣ = 5+♣ and higher suit
2♦ = 5+♦ and major
2♥ = ♥ & ♠ 5-5 or better
2♠ = 6+♠ good hand, usually 12-16 hcp but there is no upper limit
2N = ♣ & ♦ 5-5 or better

Higher bids pre-emptive

Special distribution:
6♠4♥ bid 1♠, but with poor ♠ double or poor ♥ bid 1N
4♠6♥ double, but with poor ♠ bid 1N
6-5/6-6 in majors treat as 5-5
7-5 in majors bid 1M (longer suit) and reverse or jump shift with adequate values
hands with 6 card minor and poor 4 card side suit may be treated as 1-suiter with 1N
4333, 4432, 5332 hands are normally passed due to their balanced nature
4441 hands are passed as is difficult to find fit
With 5422 hands pass unless your values are concentrated in your long suits, due to balanced nature of hand

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