Saturday, July 28, 2012

My stab at a Polish club style system

While not ready for publication I have a rough outline for a forcing club stem similar to Polish club.  I also incorporated a lot of material from "unassuming club".
My goal was to have 1D promise 4+D and 2C not to have a 4-card major. 
To accomplish this I have used a weak 12-14 NT.

For 1C opening the following hands are included:
4-4-1-4 11-18 hcp and 4-4-0-5 hands 11+ hcp
4M and 5+C 11+ hcp
6+C  no 4M 16+ hcp
15-20 or 23+ hcp balanced 5M, 6m or 5m(422) permitted
any 19+ hcp hand unbalanced but not 19+ hcp (4441)
"Acol 2" in majors (2 suiter possible)

1D 11-18 unbalanced except for 5422/6322/7222 with 4+D, possibly having longer C.

Over 1M 11-18 hcp play 2/1 game force with a semi-forcing NT and Gazzilla. May include a longer minor 

2C is 6+C 11-15 hcp no 4-card major.

2D is 19+ hcp (4441) midchart add multi weak 2 plus strong (4441)

2H/2S=weak , for midchart 5 carder + 5 card minor

2N 21-22 balanced 5M, 6m or 5m(422) permitted

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