Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Using Regular Stayman as Puppet Stayman

Using puppet Stayman as 3C or as in my option 2NT takes up a useful bid. Suppose you could use regular Stayman to enquire about a 5-card major, then you could use 2NT or 3C with a normal meaning.

First the simple case of a 2NT raise before considering Stayman.
 2NT: Invitational to 3NT, generally doesn’t have a 4-card major
               3©/3♠: 5-card suit with maximum
               3NT: maximum without 5-card major

Now for Stayman
                 2: denies a 4-card major, may have a 5-card minor. Nothing happens after this bid re: 5-card major

My goal is to be able to find a 5-card major whenever responder has a game-forcing hand, which is the requirement for the 2NT/3C ask. Also want to be able to find a 5-card major when responder has invitational strangth and opener has a maximum. In other words on your way to game opener shows a 5-card major. This case is not normally covered by 2NT/3C puppet Stayman.

 2: 4-5 Hearts, may have 4 Spades
                               2♠: GF has 4 Spades, 3+ Hearts(may be checking
for 5 Hearts)  or interested in 6NT/7NT , may have 5+ card minor
                                              2NT: No Spade fit, not 5 Hearts, maximum(may have 4 card minor)
                                                             3♣/3: GF 5+ minor
                                                             4♣/4: GF 4-5 minor, Sharples if 5 then want 4-card support
                                              3♣: 5 Hearts maximum; 3: agrees Hearts and slam try
                                              3: 4 Spades maximum; 3: agrees Spades and slam try
                                              3: 5 Hearts minimum
                                              3♠: 4 Spades, minimum
                                              3NT: No Spade fit, no 5-card Hearts, minimum
                                                             4♣/4: GF 4+ card minor Sharples
                                              4♣/4: GF 4-5 minor, Sharples if 5 then want 4-card support

                                      2NT: non-forcing Invitational, guarantees 4 Spades
                                              3: 5 Hearts and maximum
                                              3NT: 4 Hearts and a maximum
                              3♠: artificial GF setting Hearts as trump and a slam try, opener cue-bids

               2♠:  4-5 Spades, may not have 4 Hearts
                               2NT: non-forcing Invitational has 4 Hearts
                                             3♠: 5 Spades maximum
                                             3NT: 4 Spades maximum
                               3: artificial GF 3+ Spades(may just be checking for 5 Spades) or a hand interested in 6NT/7NT; doesn’t set Spades as trump
as may just be checking for 5 Spades with a GF hand, otherwise is a slam try.
                                              3♠: 5 Spades 
                                                             4♣: Sets Spades as trump and asks for HCP in steps
                                                                            may be prelude to 4NT RKC
                                                             4: Sets NT and asks for HCP in steps
                                                                            maybe prelude to 5♣ as Super-Gerber
                                              3NT: 4 Spades
                                                             4♣/4: same meaning as over 3♠

Sharples is a convention where 4C/4D after a Stayman response looks for a 4-4 minor fit for slam purposes. I am extending it's use to find 5-4 minor suit fits. Blackwood and RKCB are not used after Sharples.

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