Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Optional Treatment - 2NT as Puppet Stayman

1.1.       Use of 2NT as Puppet Stayman over 1NT

Have come up with a way to use regular Stayman to ask for 5-card majors in some case to view this method click:

We want to use Puppet Stayman over 1NT and open 1NT with a 5-card major more freely, I propose you use 2NT. The 2NT bid will not be of much use, as now you will want to check for a 5-card major on a lot of hands. So with hands you still want to invite with 2NT, either pass or blast to 3NT. I have taken advantage of the fact that 2NT is one step lower than the traditional 3 puppet Stayman to mask which suit opener has a 4-card major in. It is only shown if responder asks for the suit. The use of 2NT avoids a lead directional double of 3♣.  Responses are simple

With a 5-card major bid 3©/3♠.

With a 4-card major bid 3♣. Then 3¨ asks for 4-card major 3NT is bid with both majors, 3/3♠ shows a 5 card suit with 3 cards in other major, 4♣, 4¨ is a natural slam try probably with a 5 card suit this bid also has same meaning after asking opener to show 4-card major.

With no 4 or 5 card major bid 3¨.

Other bids over 1NT retain their meaning.

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