Saturday, January 28, 2012

Responding to a Takeout Double

1.1.       Takeout Double

Takeout Doubles are disciplined, showing at least 3 cards in unbid majors with between 12-18 HCP. With more high card points(19+), may have a good 5 or average 6+ card suit not suitable for a strong jump overcall and may not have 3 cards in all minors. Doubler will bid a new suit, jump raise a simple response, jump in NT or cue-bid. Opposite a passed hand a double can be made on as little as 9 HCP with good shape.

With stoppers and no suitable bid responder bids

1NT: 6-10 HCP; 2NT: 11-12 HCP; 3NT: 13-14 HCP

With 0-7 HCP: show your longest suit, bidding Spades with 4-4 in majors.

With 8-11 HCP: jump in your longest suit.

With 8-11 HCP and two equal majors: cue-bid

With 12+ HCP: cue-bid.

With a long(6+) suit but poor values 3-6 HCP double jump in your long suit.

With a long suit(6+) and decent values 7-9 HCP jump to 4 of your long suit.

After a cue bid, doubler with extra values must jump in a suit, bid NT, make a minor suit bid or cue bid.A simple major suit bid would be preference, a minimum takeout double and non-forcing,

Lebenshol applies over 1Y-X-2Y or 1Y-P-2Y-X or 1Y-X-2Y-P-P-X

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