Saturday, January 28, 2012

3NT as a Minor suit preempt

1. Open 3NT Minor Suit Pre-empt

3N: Reasonable 8 or 9 card broken minor(§/) with at least 2 of top 4 honors, but not AKQ. No outside A or K. 7 playing  tricks NV, 8 tricks Vul. No side 4 card major. Extra strength in 4th seat and responses are the same. Problem with all these asks is its assuming you know what opener's long suit it. You just can’t be sure. If you have 3 of top 4 in a minor, it's the other minor.

1.1.       Responses to 3NT without interference

Pass: to play

            4§: Pass or Correct to 4

            4: Asks opener for shortness

                        Should responder later bid 5§, 6§ or 7§ this is pass or correct

                        4: heart singleton or void

                                    4♠: Ask for a second short suit

                                                4N: no other shortness

                                                5§: club singleton or void

                                                5: diamond singleton or void

                                                5♠: spade singleton or void

                        4♠: spade singleton or void

                        4N: singleton or void in other minor

                        5§: shortness in spades and in other minor

                                    5: Pass or Correct

            4/4♠: Sign-off, to play

            4NT: Trump Quality Ask

                        5§: 2 of top 4 honors missing lacking an A/K/Q. So AJ/KJ/QJ

                        5: 2 of top 3 honors including Q. So AQ/KQ

                        5: 2 of top 3 honors missing Q. So AK

            5§: Pass or correct

1.2.       Responses to 3NT with interference

Over Interference:

            Double: Penalty and invites opener to double(unlikely)

            Redouble: Penalty. Willingness to double opposition and can make 3NT

            4§: pass or correct

            4: Pass or Correct to 5§

            5§: Pass or correct

            Other bids: Natural and to play

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