Saturday, January 28, 2012

3-suited Limited 2D Opening with and without interference

1. Open 2D, a three-suiter short in Diamonds

Classic  Precision 2. All (43)15 with (10)11-15 HCP are opened this way, not just the ones with poor Clubs. In 3rd and 4th seat the range to open 2is 12-16 HCP with the ranges for responses and rebids adjusted accordingly, 15-16 HCP being considered a maximum. Also 4414 and 4405 hands are opened 2 with Diamond shortness  My suggestion gleaned from book Precision Today by D. Berkowitz & B. Manley and book Godfrey's Stairway to the Stars by Dr. Rosencrantz:

1.1.       Responses to 2D without interference

Pass: sign-off in Diamonds

2: sign-off

            2♠: with 3 Hearts and 4 Spades should correct to 2♠. Responder can now set final contract, possibly even 3.

2♠: sign-off

2NT: 11+ HCP, forcing 1 round, asking for strength and pattern

            3♣ = any hand (10-13 HCP)

                        If responder now want to sign-off short of game they should do so with their next


                        pass = sign-off, best suit is Clubs and not enough for game. On a good day

                                    opener will have 5 Clubs

                        3= relay Game-forcing

                                    3 = 3-4-1-5 (10-13 HCP)

                                    3♠ = 4-3-1-5 (10-13 HCP)

                                    3NT= 4-4-1-4 (10-13 HCP)

                                    4♣ = 4-4-0-5 (10-13 HCP)

                        3/3♠ = non-forcing

                        3NT = to play

            3 = 4-4-1-4 (14-15) HCP)

            3 = 3-4-1-5 (14-15 HCP)

            3♠ = 4-3-1-5 (14-15 HCP)

            3NT = 4-4-0-5 (14-15 HCP)

            After all 2NT responses but for 2-2NT -3♣-3-4♣(see below)

                        3NT: to play

                        4♣: Puppet to 4 in order to use RKCB

                                    4: RKCB for ♣; 4♠: RKCB for ; 4NT: RKCB for ♠

                        4:  asks for controls

                                    4NT: asks for lowest suit you don't have a Q, skipping Diamonds(see below)

                        4: To play in Hearts

                        4♠: To play in Spades

                        4NT: Quantitative

                        5♣/5: are to play

            After 2-2NT -3♣-3-4♣ we can’t use 4♣  as a puppet, so we use 4-as a puppet to 4 then 4♠ is RKCB for Hearts and 4NT is RKCB for Spades. 4NT directly is RKCB for Clubs, where responder just needs one keycard for slam. Note you can’t sign-off in NT must play in suit, so don’t use 3relay with no interest in suit unless you can safely play in 5NT.

3♣: sign-off

3: at least 6 semi-solid Diamonds invitational to 3NT

3/3♠: invitational a 5 card suit

3NT: to play, diamonds well stopped

4♣: invitational

4: asks for controls Beta

            4NT: asks for lowest suit you don't have a Q, skipping Diamonds

if opener has Q of trump bid 6 or 7 else if this is trump pass or bid 6 if you were looking for 7. Otherwise sign-off in 5 or 6(if looking for grand)

4/4♠/5♣/5: are to play

4NT: regular Blackwood, no trump set (If you need Aces not Kings this may be the answer)

1.2.       Responses to 2D with interference

Systems on over double, redouble of a penalty double = 10+ and a desire to play (you have diamonds).

            Doubles of overcalls are for penalty.

            4after an overcall of 2♠ or higher is 30/14 for Clubs

            2NT over an overcall is systems on.

            Use judgment at 3 level

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