Saturday, January 28, 2012

2NT Opening and responses

1. Open 2N

2N: this shows a balanced hand of (19)20-21 HCP in 1st and 2nd seat, may include a five-card suit but not (5422). Play the same system over 2N rebids by opener. In 3rd and 4th seat 2N shows 20-21 HCP.

1.1.       Responses to 2N without interference

I have changed puppet Stayman, so that it covers 5 Spade and 4 Hearts responding hands. Minor suit transfer being 1 step lower and Gerber back in. I am using a modification of what's called Modified Baron in a book Precision in Acol by Eric Crowhurst. Though called Baron because, it searches for minor suit 4-4 or 5-4 fits, if no major suit found, it is a form of puppet Stayman. 3♠ is a puppet to 3N to play in 3N without using puppet Stayman or shows a strong 1 suited minor or a strong minor 2 suiter. 3N is used for a slam try 5-5 or better in the majors. If you want to play in 3N you will often use puppet Stayman, as you will usually want to investigate a 5-3 major suit fit.
(a) 3♣: puppet Stayman (also use with 5 Spades and 4 Hearts).
(b) 3: transfer to Hearts (use with 5 Hearts and 4 Spades), mild slam interest is self-raises
               4: Super-Accept with 4 trump
(c) 3: transfer to Spades, mild slam interest is self-raises
               4♠: Super-Accept with 4 trump
(d) 3♠: puppet to 3N (opener must bid 3N)
               Pass: to play in 3N
               4♣: 6+ Clubs GF; 4: Kickback for Clubs; 4N: poor slam hand; other bids cue bid in support
               4: 6+ Diamonds GF; 4©: Kickback for Diamonds; 4N: poor slam hand; other bids cue bid in support
               4/4♠: Singleton/Void and 5-5+ in minors, ST, 4N shows stoppers and suggests wasted values
(e) 3N: Slam try with 5-5+ in the majors
               4♣/4: Good hand for Hearts/Spades bidding cheapest suit is a retransfer. Kickback possible now or after retransfer
               4/4♠: Better hand for named major but not a great slam hand.
               4N: would be an off-shape hand usually 2-2 in majors
bidding 5 of a minor by responder would be exclusion key card over any bid agreeing trump.
(f) 4♣: Gerber
(g) 4: Texas transfer to Hearts, no slam interest unless asks for Aces
               4: forced acceptance of transfer
                               4♠: Kickback for Hearts
                               4N: Exclusion Keycards with Spade void
                               5♣/5: Exclusion keycard with minor suit void
(h) 4: Texas transfer to Spades, no slam interest unless asks for Aces
               4♠: forced acceptance of transfer
                               4N: Kickback for Spades
                               5♣/5/5: Exclusion Keycard with void in bid suit
(i) 4♠: Minor Suit Stayman with no slam interest or is bidding slam but needs preference
(j) 4N: Quantitative

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