Saturday, January 28, 2012

1NT Opening with interference

1.1.       Responses to 1N with interference

We play systems ON over a direct bid of double or 2§ by opponents. A special case, if over a 10-12 1N 2 gets doubled; redouble shows exactly 4 without a 4M and pass denies a 4M with 2,3 or 5¨. After a pass responder may redouble with 5¨, otherwise double is ignored. Stayman and transfers and other systems available, if don’t want to penalize. We make no distinction between artificial or penalty double as artificial doubles can be converted to penalty.

Double: (Penalty or artificial)

We use a very simple system of escape, which is used even if double is not penalty. The double after all could be converted for penalty.

Redouble = Puppet to 2♣. Either Weak with 5+ ♣/ or INV with exactly 5 /♠ but is not suitable hand to transfer and bid 2N. With major suit and INV it is permissible to bid at 3-level.

Pass =  Puppet to redouble, to play or to start run-out to 4+ suits. However, opener with 5+ card suit will bid suit rather than redouble.

Other bids ignore double

In balance 1N-P-P-X-? always consider as penalty as even if it’s not doubler’s partner can convert

Opener will generally pass, with responder making final decision.


            Pass; good place to play or (4333) no place to go

Redouble: SOS, asks opener to bid 4+ card suits up the line until at least a 4-3 fit is found

            New suit:  to sign-off in a long suit, probably a minor

            2N: weak 5-5 or better in minors

2§: (Artificial or natural)

            Double: Stayman

            Balance of responses stay the same, play the front of the card. 

            Double: Negative 6+ HCP (Penalty over 10-12 1N)

            Cue-bid (2 level): Stayman, only can occur if overcall was artificial

            2 of suit: sign-off

            2N and 3 of suit: transfer Lebensohl

            3N: to play without a stopper

            4§: Gerber

            4¨/©: Texas transfer to a major (4♦ asks for exact HCP count and 4 natural over 10-12 1N)

2N: (Minors)

            Pass: hand not worth bidding

            Double: Penalty of at least 1 minor

            3♣: GF in

            3: GF in ♠

            3/3♠: natural competitive

            3N: to play

            4§: Gerber

            4¨/©: Texas transfer to a major

3 of suit: (Natural)

Double: Negative (Penalty over 10-12 1N)

            3 of suit: Competitive

            cue-bid: takeout

            Texas Transfers over 3♣, no transfer higher (4 asks for exact HCP count and 4 natural over 10-12 1N)

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