Saturday, January 28, 2012

Open 3C/3D Standard Preempt

1. Open 3C/3D Minor Suit Preempt

3§/3: 6-8 card suit, at least 2 of top 4 honors

1.1.       Responses to 3C/3D without interference

3 (over 3§): conventional asking for location of outside entry (3=, 3♠=♠, 3N=, 4♣ = none)
3/3♠: F1 good 5+ card suit, inviting opener to raise on Qx or xxx or better or bid an outside feature
                        (3♠ or 3N for a lower suit)
3N: Sign-off, opener must pass
4§ (over 3): special CAB (note this is not a jump)
4(over 3§): special CAB
4§/4: Defensive raise
4-4♠: special CAB (if you want to play in 4M must bid 3M first)
5§/5: to play either pre-emptive or game-going values unsuited for 3N
Special 5N: Grand Slam Force
            1st step 6§: 2 of top 3 honors including Q (ie. AQ or KQ)
            2nd step 6: Both A & K, missing Q
After special CAB and after a 3 (over 3§): conventional asking bid new suits are also special CAB .

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