Friday, October 7, 2011

The Case against Garbage Stayman over 1NT

In Garbage Stayman you bid 2C over 1NT planning on passing whatever response you get. You could have have anywhere between 0 and 7 pts with it being more likely to be in the lower part of that point range. Responder will be at least 43 in majors and will likely have 5 Diamonds, although I have seen it advocated with 4-4-4-1 distribution.

I must say I was never enamoured with this treatment, but was talked into it. The reason is you always seem to end up in a spot which gives a poor match point result. For example your in 2D while 1NT scores better. Also possible to end up in a 4-3 major suit where a 4-4 spade fit exists or  where 1NT scores better.

The man reason against Garbage Stayman is that responder no longer promises invitational values with Stayman. So, opener can no longer co-operate should there be interference. Interference is more likely, especially in Clubs which responder will be short in. I like opener to have the abilty to make a negative double(or penalty if that is what you play) up to 2S and a penalty double above that.

A penalty double of 3C could force responder to pull to a 3 level contract with no guarentee of a fit.

If you are playing Garbage Stayman, opener may shy away from making a lucrative penalty double or to compete with good majors for fear responder could be light. This is a license to opponents to freely overcall especially with clubs.

So, I am not going to use Garbage Stayman and Stayman will always promise invitational values.

Of course if doubled may use rescue to find reasonable fit.

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