Friday, May 27, 2011

Two Suited Overcalls

These methods are suitable for any system, not just Precision.

Basic 2 Suited Overcalls

Have been convinced by Ian Payn (see )that the cost of losing 3§ as an overcall bid and other difficulties not to use the Questem convention(Ghestem inverted). Instead Michaels and unusual 2NT are the calls.

cue-bid over a minor = both major suits 5-5. 2NT is responders asking bid.

cue-bid over a major = 5 of other major and 5 of an unspecified minor. 2NT is responders asking bid.

2NT = two lowest unbid 5-5. Cue-bid is responder’s asking bid.


I strongly believe that these 2 suited bids should be at least 5-5 in length and the difference in length should be at most 1 card. With 5-4, even in the major, simply overcall in your 5 card suit. 6-5, 6-6 or 7-6 are ok. However, with 6-4, 7-5, 7-4, 8-4 or 8-5 again bid your longest suit.

I used to believe that strength should be mini-maxi, either 6-11 or 16+ pts. However, I found whenever I had the strong hand and bid again, my oartner didn’t believe it and we missed slam. Also, Mike Lawrence in his book Overcalls is against a mini-maxi approach. So the strength should be 9+ HCP at IMPs, lower points allowed at matchpoints, but remember if you don't have a chance to play contract opponents will be able to read you cards like there exposed.

Should you have 16+ HCP and you get another chance to bid,

 Balancing cue-bid

From an unpassed hand this shows a strong 2-suiter of unknown suits. Must use unkown suits as 2NT in this case would be 19-21 Balanced.  Responder, bids as follows

            new suit: good  support for this suit
            NT: weak hand wishes to sign-off
            Cue-bid: strong responding hand, slam possible

            Overcall responds as follows:
            To a new suit:   
                        Raise: if that is one of the suits.
                        Jump Cue-bid: no losers in suit, and has this suit.
                        New suit: doesn’t have this suit, has other 2-suits.
                        Cue-bid: does have this suit, slam interest.

            To a NT bid:
                        Bid lowest of a 2 suiter

            To a Cue-bid:
                        Bid lowest of a 2 suiter
                        Jumping with exceptional strength

From a passed hand a cue-bid is modified Michaels, will show the higher two unbid suits,
but weak. Bidding proceeds similar to a direct modified Michaels above

Balancing 2NT

From an unpassed hand shows a strong balanced hand, 19-21 HCP. Systems
ON. From a passed hand this shows a weak 2-suiter of the 2 lowest unbid suits, bidding proceed
as over a direct call.

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