Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Optional Treatments(Mid-chart)

1. Optional Treatments

1.1.       They Open 1NT (12+ pts)

This portion replaces the 2§/2¨ overcalls of 1NT when the General Convention Chart is not in effect It is not used versus a 10-12, 11-13 pt. or similar 1NT range.

2§: Both Majors, at least 5-4 distribution; 2¨: Asks for better major

2¨:  A one-suited hand in Hearts or Spades.

            2©: Pass or Correct; 2ª: Pass or correct. Willingness to compete to 3©

            2NT: Asks. This would be rare against a 15-17 NT but is possible against lighter NT

                        3§: Strong hand, Heart Suit 3¨: Strong hand, Spade Suit

                        3©: Weak hand, Heart Suit 3ª: Weak hand, Spade Suit

                        3NT: AKQ of suit

1.2.       Openings if using the Mid Chart

2¨ = 5-9 HCP usually decent 6 card major suit with 2 of top 4 honors(but not AKQ) or 24-26 HCP balanced. Can’t use regular methods of having 2NT ask for a singleton and 3♣ ask for a feature. Use 2NT as asking for suit and strength(3NT responses shows balanced hand when systems are on). 2NT over a 2©/2♠ response shows balanced hand when systems are on.

Thus. 1§-1¨-3NT shows a long minor with stoppers and should not be removed.

2© = 10-14 HCP short ¨ 4414/4405/(43)15 dist. In 3rd or 4th seat 12-16 HCP. 3¨ now is sign-off in diamonds not INV to 3NT with semi-solid Diamonds

2♠ = Normal minor suit pre-empt 6-8 cards in length. Now 3NT opening unlikely with 7 cards suit NV.

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