Saturday, May 21, 2011

1NT Rescues

We play SYSTEM ON over a direct bid of double or 2§ by opponents. Sometimes, this is known as stolen bids.

These rescues could be over a suicide, weak, medium or strong NT.

The system over a double has the advantage it shows right away when penalty is possible. You can run to opener 5 card suit at the cost of not always being able to play in responder’s 5 card minor at 2-level. Stayman and transfers and other systems available, if don’t want to penalize. We make no distinction between artificial or penalty double as artificial doubles can be converted to penalty.

Double: (Penalty or artificial)

            Redouble: Penalty, sets up forcing pass situation to 2ª

            Pass: escaping with (4333), two 4+ suits or 5 card minor, with 6+ minor will likely bid 2♠
                        2§/2¨/2©/2♠: a 5 card suit
                        Redouble: (4333) or 4432 (no 5 card suit)
responder bids 4+ card suits up the line, to play in at least a 4-3 fit. Keeping in mind responder could have a one-suiter with a 5+ minor suit.

            2♣: Stayman. Prefers to bid own hand possibly due to vulnerability or lack of defense.
            2¨ and above: Systems On, as without a double.
In balance 1NT-P-P-X-? always consider as penalty as even if it’s not opps partner can convert

Opener will generally pass, with responder making final decision.

            Pass; good place to play or (4333) no place to go
Redouble: SOS, asks opener to bid 4+ card suits up the line until at least a 4-3 fit is found
            New suit:  to sign-off in a long suit, probably a minor
            2NT: weak 5-5 or better in minors. Cant want to invite, as has already passed, so use conventionally

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